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 Ekaterina Shidlovskaya, popular Russian poetess.

Born September 20 in Moscow
Ekaterina - daughter of a Soviet diplomat (Vladimir Shidlovskiy) who worked in Libya for a long time, Ekaterina spent much of her childhood in Tripoli as well as Moscow. She studied East poetics and philosophy and due to her family's position enjoyed access to books by Russian and foreign authors banned in Soviet Russia.

       Graduated from the Plekhanov Academy of Economics in Moscow in 1997.

       From 1995 attended poetry lectures by I. Volgin and Yu. Levitansky at the Gorky Literature Institute in Moscow

       Graduated from Moscow State University (MGU), philosophy school, in 2010

Ekaterina Shidlovskaya is a member of the Russian Writers' Union since 2004, and a member of the Russian Literature Foundation and Moscow Literature Foundation since 2005
The debut collection of poetry, When Night Scatters Away, came out in 2003
A new collection of poems, Morning Due, is to be published in 2010.

Poetic works
- When Night Scatters Away (collection of poetry)
- Morning Due (collection of poetry)
- A project in the Applause magazine (poems for M. Zvyagintseva and M. Simak's pictures)
- Project in the Applause magazine (poems for photographs by V. Klavikho)
- Project in the Delphis magazine (philosophy as poem)
- Runs her own blog in, a gateway to Internet sites for poetry
- Compiled a cycle of poems about women for beauty pageants and social projects
- Compiled a cycle of religious poems and poems about Russia for social projects

Social activities
Ekaterina Shidlovskaya won the 1994 Miss Moscow title at Russia's first official beauty contest.
Other beauty titles include a Vice Miss International 1996 and  Miss Crystal Crown of Russia 1996 contest in Paris






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